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If you’re like me, you love your cat and would do anything for him. For me, it included feeding him better nutrition to keep him healthy and around for a little longer.

When Oscar was 12, I switched him over to canned food after letting him graze on kibble since he was a kitten.

This is the article I found that changed my thinking:…/dry-food-wrong-for-cats.a…

When a cat is fed only kibble, he is kept in a chronic state of mild dehydration because his stomach and kidneys have to work harder to digest the dry food.

Cats needs moisture and aren’t as likely to get it from drinking water like dogs do. Not to mention, they’re carnivores; their bodies need meat, not carbohydrates and vegetables.

Oscar is the pickiest fella and still gets kibble, but only a small amount; more like a treat than a meal. Have to keep him happy, too. 😉

I tried many different brands, varieties, flavors, textures and his favorite is the chicken pate from the Perfomatrin brand (Pet Valu).

I supplement his food with a probiotic (for gut health) fish oil (for skin & coat) and a joint supplement (for arthritis). He’ll be 16 this year and shows no sign of slowing down.

When Violet joined our family in 2017, she ate canned food from the get go and will eat just about anything. Thankfully, she’s not picky.

She even ate raw for a short period but I found it was easier to feed two cats the same food, since Oscar wasn’t a fan of raw.

Their routine now is canned food for breakfast and dinner and since Oscar was so used to grazing all day, he gets his treat of kibble at lunch and again at bedtime. Not spoiled at all, right?!

Here’s another, more recent article for you to check out:…/species-inappropriate-the-da…

This is just my experience and more than anything, I hope it makes you reevaluate what you’re feeding your cat.



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