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The Dog's Pajamas does things a bit differently. Our services are offered by the time we spend at your home, rather than by the type of service or number of pets you have (Amy has 6 pets of her own!). This ensures you know that no matter which service we're providing, your pets are getting our undivided attention for the duration of time they need. We only charge for the time we're with your pets, because quality time is what's most important to customize our specialities to your pet's specific needs.

Psst... Are you a new client? We recommend reviewing our booking process prior to getting started!


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“Love The Dog's Pajamas! Our sweet Reba still wasn't sure about her new dog door when we left for vacation. Amy continued to work with her while we were gone. Amy took such great care of her and we are so thankful for the time and love she showed our fur baby while we were gone!!”

- Julie S.


Our pet care is tailored to you

The Dog's Pajamas cares for many types of pets, including dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and other small animals. Each visit is GPS and time-tracked and concludes with a visit report, with details of your pet's visit along with pictures of your pet for your peace of mind.


Our time with your pet can include: supervised mealtimes, medication administration, potty breaks, playtime or walks (weather/time permitting), a continuation of dog training, cleaning up pet areas, scooping litter boxes and/or yard pick-up, and any other requested service to keep your pet happy and comfortable while you're away.


We also provide home care (at no additional charge) including bringing in your mail/packages, watering plants, opening/closing blinds, turning on/off lights, etc. so your home looks lived in if you're on vacation. 

There is a five visit minimum for new clients,  which includes the meet and greet. Unused visits will remain as a credit on your account for 12 months. Feel free to mix and match different visit lengths throughout the day to keep your pet comfortable at home 

Good for single pet households or cats who prefer their alone time.

Cat sitter in Richmond - The Dog's Pajamas

The 30-MIN visit



If your pet prefers a shorter check-in, this is the option for you!


The 45-MIN visit



Good for a healthy dose of exercise and individual attention for 1-2 pet households.


The popular option for busy pet parents who want to make sure their pets are taken care of during their long work day!

pet sitting in Centerville

The 60-MIN visit



Good for multi-pet households or dogs who require plenty of exercise, stimulation, or play.


The perfect option for those who also want additional home care.


The go-to service for some individual cuddle or pamper time for each pet in your home.

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Also a great idea for current clients who have moved or added a new furry family member.


We learn the layout of your home and all about your pet: mealtime routine, vet info, quirky behaviors or preferences, home access, etc.


The initial consultation in your home.

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It's only a few tail wags away.

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