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Pet Sitting Agreement

We’re so glad you chose us to care for your pets…your pets will be too! Here you’ll find our policies, expectations, and boundaries so that we’re on the same page and your pets will get the best care they deserve. Please don't hesitate to contact Amy if you have any questions. 

Client Responsibilities:

As a client of The Dog’s Pajamas (TDP, us, we), you agree to:

*Provide the necessary supplies needed for pet care (dog collar and leash, pet food, medications, identification tags, litter box/litter, dog waste bags, cleaning supplies, etc.). If we have to purchase any supplies (food, litter, etc), you agree to reimburse us. For everyone’s safety, we will not use retractable or bungee-style leashes, and no more than two dogs will be walked at one time. If your dog doesn’t walk politely on the leash (no excessive pulling or lunging), leash time will be limited to potty breaks.

*Provide two keys OR home access codes during the meet and greet. No garage door openers, please. Each key pick up and return outside of the meet and greet is $15. If a key copy needs to be made, the cost is $10 per key. Most clients have us keep keys between trips to avoid the pick up and return; keys are kept in a locked box. 

*Pay any fees if we have to call a locksmith due to the malfunction of the lock.

*Properly secure your home before leaving. If your house is left unlocked by you, or you leave keys in a hidden location or ask TDP to leave keys in a hidden location, TDP is not responsible for any thefts and/or damage that may occur to your home.

*Share your trip itinerary (home departure and return times) with TDP. This ensures the accuracy of your dates requested, helps to prevent any scheduling issues, and ensures proper first and last visit times. 

*Let us know immediately if your travel plans have changed, whether you decide to come home early or need to extend your trip. Please don’t arrive home and then message us of any changes.

*Let us know if anyone else will have access to your home while you’re away. We prefer not to share pet care services with anyone because we can’t guarantee the reliability of other people. If someone else is planning to stop by (housekeeper, contractors, neighbor, family member, etc) TDP is released of all liability during our scheduled pet care service window.

*Understand that our sitters work as a team. We do our best to schedule the same sitter for consistency with your pets. However, our sitters are all part time and work other jobs and 2-3 sitters will likely visit your pets during a weeklong trip.

*Notify TDP of any concerns or issues within 24 hours of arriving home. It’s important to us that both you and your pets are happy with our service and that any issues or concerns are addressed right away.

*To pay your invoice within 15 days of receipt. Invoices are emailed to you the next business day after you return home. Your invoice will include payment methods (check, credit card, Venmo, PayPal) and a due date. After 15 days, a late payment fee of $5 will be added to your invoice for every 7 days that your invoice is not paid. Returned checks are $35.

*Authorize this agreement to be valid for all future services provided by TDP. 

*Allow TDP to use your pet’s picture on the TDP website, social media, and/or marketing materials for promotional purposes. Only your pet’s name will be used. 

*Not hold TDP liable for loss, injury, or death to your pet if you request that we leave your pet unattended in an outside area, fenced or otherwise, around or near your residence. 

*Not hold TDP liable for any sickness, injury, escape, accident, or death of your pet unless caused through negligence on our part. 

*Ensure that walkways and driveways are cleared off in snowy weather. If inclement weather occurs while you’re away, you agree to make arrangements to have walkways/driveways cleared off before your pet sitter arrives. 

This agreement applies to all pets owned by you, including any new pets that you obtain, on or after the date this agreement was accepted.

TDP Responsibilities:

We’re in the people AND pet business so it’s important to us that both you and your pet are happy with our services. As your pet sitter, we agree to:

*Provide the best care possible to any of your pets in our care as outlined in this agreement. 

*Keep you informed via Time to Pet with updates and pictures after each visit. 

*Exercise all precautions to keep your home and pet secure to the best of our ability. Your pet sitter will secure your home at the end of each visit.

*Keep your personal information confidential and only share security and access codes with your assigned pet sitters.

*Contact you, your secondary contact, and/or your emergency contact in an emergency. 

*Contact you, your secondary contact, and/or your emergency contact to arrange alternative care if your pet poses a danger to the health or safety of itself, other pets, or your pet sitter.


Office hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm. 

Visits are made 365 days a year from 7am to 9pm.

All communication is monitored for emergencies outside of office hours.

Policies, prices, and services are subject to change at any time for any reason.

Updated December 12, 2023


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