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We're always accepting job applications to grow The Dog's Pajamas team full of passionate and eager dog walkers and pet sitters in the Wayne County, IN areas. Peruse the basic requirements, job description, and pay/perks information below. If joining the team sounds like a great fit for you, we'd love for you to fill out our job application below!


“First, my visits are my way of relaxing and de-stressing from my work day. It’s at least 30 minutes a day I can spend not stressing about work, or what needs to be done at home. Second, it’s a great opportunity to love on other people’s pups!”

- Chrissy H.

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  • Provide professional, detailed communication with clients via Time to Pet.

  • Service The Dog’s Pajamas clients within the current service area.

  • Provide exceptional care for all types of pets, including dogs of all sizes, cats, birds, and others.

  • Frequent leash walking of all sizes and breeds of dogs while keeping the safety of the client and the walker the number one priority.

  • Service clients in all weather conditions: rain, snow, cold, heat, and after dark.

  • Safely enter the client's home via garage door, keyless, and keyed entry while arming and disarming alarm security systems without apprehension.

  • Keep the client's home secured upon entering and departure.

  • Keep the client’s home and pet areas clean and free of any messes.

  • Tend to any house sitting needs as requested: mail, trash, plants, etc.

  • Adjust to an ever-changing schedule to accommodate short notice requests.

  • Maintain flexibility in schedule.


  • Have a valid ID driver’s license and your own reliable vehicle.

  • Have a smartphone with the capability to run the Time to Pet app.

  • Have an email address that you check on a daily basis.

  • Be 21+ years of age.

  • Be able to pass a background check.

  • Be personable, well-spoken, and well kept.

  • Be able to commit to 6+ months with The Dog’s Pajamas as we do not hire temporary help.

  • Be available to work a minimum of three weekends per month.

  • Be comfortable and competent to walk large dogs.

Pay & Perks

  • Flexible schedule: Pet sitting visits are made daily from 7am to 9pm.

  • Casual dress code with a fun, laid back culture.

  • As an independent contractor, taxes are not withheld, which means more money in your paycheck. Plus, 100% of tips are passed on to you! 

  • Meet and work with a variety of local families and their pets.

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