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The concept of having a pet sitter come to your home is a relatively new concept, at least here in Richmond and Centerville, Indiana. A pet sitter is someone who comes to your home to care for your pets while you’re away versus taking your pet to a kennel, or boarding facility.

I receive a lot of pushback from many people that pet sitting is more expensive. While it may be the case for one or two dogs, I wanted to shed some light and compare the two scenarios with my pack. I priced it based on my situation, which is similar to most other families with multiple pets: three dogs, one cat, no medicines to give, and leaving on a Wednesday morning and returning Sunday evening.

Professional Pet Sitter (The Dog’s Pajamas) $289: $17 per 30 minute visit: no additional fees for extra pets, playtime, or medicine. Initial Meet & Greet with two pet sitters before your trip ($17) Access to an online portal, Time to Pet (Free) Three visits on Wednesday ($17 x 3) Four visits on Thursday, Friday & Saturday ($17 x 12) Two visits on Sunday ($17 x 2)

Local Kennel $422.50: Two dogs sharing one kennel @ $42.50 per night ($27 + $13.50) One dog in one kennel @ $27 per night One cat @ $17 per night *May have to pick up pets Monday morning due to no available Sunday evening pickup time. *Extra playtime not included in quoted price. Why choose a professional pet sitter? Your pet is comfortable in his own home and familiar with his surroundings. Leave and return home when it’s convenient for YOU with no dedicated drop-off or pick-up window times to worry about. Your pet is not exposed to other pets and possible illnesses. No unnecessary vaccines keeping your pet from being over-vaccinated. No additional charges for additional pets (within reason), playtime, or medications. House sitting needs to be included at no extra charge: mail, trash, plants, lights, blinds, etc.

Have questions? Call or text (765) 969-2202 or email and I’d be happy to answer them. -Amy


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