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Plan for Pet Care First!

Wow, we just wrapped up our busiest spring break, ever. Our sitters made over 250 visits in 10 days, doubling what we did this time last year. Crazy!!!

The thing is, many people were turned away because we didn't have the room in our schedule. It killed me to say no, that I couldn't help more people. And I'm talking 4 weeks prior to spring break when I had to start telling people no.

Plan for your pet's care first!

This is not meant to come across as rude or insincere, so please don't take it that way. Actually, it comes from one dog mom to another (or cat mom!).

Your peace of mind is priceless; the last thing you want to worry about while you're away on vacation (or for work) is the care of your pets or your home.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy your vacation, and that includes not stressing over finding someone to care for your pet at the last minute.

Yes, there are the last minute emergencies that do come up. Life happens, but 95% of the short notice calls I received for spring break were due to poor planning.

I encourage you to end the last minute scrambling to find reliable care for your pets. Plan for your pet's care FIRST before you book your trip. You will feel so much better!

Traveling this summer? Click here for new clients.

Current clients can click here.

Stay pawsome and plan ahead!



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