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HOW TO: Request Visits in Time to Pet

Time to Pet is our all-in-one pet sitting software: message your pet sitter, request visits, update your pet's profile, pay your invoice, etc. We all know how easy it is to view a notification, get sidetracked and forget to respond. It happens to the best of us! By submitting your pet sitting request using Time to Pet, it helps prevent scheduling errors and missed notifications.

Time to Pet has already put together a step by step guide to walk you through the basics of scheduling visits in your client portal. This blog post goes beyond that with a few tips and tricks specific to The Dog's Pajamas.

Visits are available from 7am to 9pm 365 days a year.

We do our absolute best to visit your pets at your requested time. Time blocks allow us the flexibility to keep our schedule as efficient as possible and not drive from Centerville, to the east side of Richmond, then back to Centerville. (Gas prices, right?!) The following time blocks are available for you to choose from:

  • Morning 7-9am

  • Late Morning 9-11am

  • Midday 11-2pm

  • Late Afternoon 2-4pm

  • Dinnertime 4-6pm

  • Evening 6-8pm

  • Bedtime 8-9:30pm

  • Overnight 9pm to 7am

To schedule a combination of 30, 45, or 60 minute visits:

Each visit length should be submitted as a separate request. For example, if you want 60 minute morning and dinner visits and 30 minute midday and bedtime visits, after you select the dates of your trip, you'll go through and select the visits for the 30 minute visits. Before you submit your request, you'll select the Add Services button to go through the same process and select the morning and dinnertime options for the 60 minute visits. Before you hit the Submit Request, you'll be able to view all your requested visits for each day.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • When choosing the overnight visit, be sure to choose the overnight time block. Similar to the example above, you can still add services for other visit lengths for throughout the day.

  • Cats require at least one visit a day. For their health and safety, we do not offer every other day care.

  • Dogs require at least two visits a day, but most clients opt for 3 to 4 per day.

  • The additional comments section is a great place to include notes specific to your requested visits, such as your trip itinerary or when your housekeeper will stop by. There are locations in your and your pet's profiles to update housekeeping needs, mealtime routines, medication schedules, etc.

  • Once you submit your request, it will be sent to Amy for review. An email and multiple portal notifications make it so no request goes missed.

  • A requested visit is not considered final until you receive an emailed confirmation, or you can view it on your schedule in Time to Pet. If in doubt, always check your schedule in your Time to Pet portal.

  • If at any time a request is not possible due to a full schedule, you will be contacted. Depending on the timing, your request will stay pending in case of a cancellation.

  • The cutoff for visit requests in Time to Pet is 72 hours from the start of the time block requested. Please contact Amy directly for availability.

  • All requests will be reviewed during office hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm; Saturday, 10am to 2pm. For example, if you need a visit for midday visit on Monday, the request should be submitted by Friday before 11am. There are no office hours on Sunday or holidays.

  • Short notice requests and cancellations are subject to our policy.

Download the Time to Pet app!

You'll get convenient access to your portal and updates from your pet sitter will be received like a text message.


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