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Like so many other people, it’s a huge sigh of relief to say good riddance to 2020. It was a tough year, not only for the 23% drop in business due to COVID-19, but I said goodbye to not one, but TWO of my fur kids in a span of 6 weeks.

Oscar was the first ‘kid’ that my husband (Matt) and I adopted 16 years ago. Oscar was only a kitten when my aunt trapped him in her backyard and she and I convinced Matt to take the little guy in. I swore he was going to live forever but we made the difficult decision in November to ease his suffering from f*cking cancer. (You could say I’m still a bit bitter.)

Dax was our happy-go-lucky fella and got along with everyone. He didn’t know a stranger and was always so good with other dogs he met. We adopted him from HELP in July of 2008 and I like to think we gave him the best life, even though it wasn’t long enough for me. He was mama’s boy and losing him just THREE days before Christmas was absolutely heartbreaking. I didn’t have any holiday cheer to begin with but this drained any little bit I had.

To say that 2020 sucked is a huge understatement.

Which is why I’m going to do my best and look on the bright side for 2021. Some days will be easier than others but I do know it’s all about perspective. I’m going to try and enjoy the little moments spent with my little fur family and work harder to reach more people about how awesome pet sitting is. You and your pets deserve the best.

What does 2021 have in store for you? I’d love to hear from you!


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