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5 Reasons To Pick Up After Your Dog

Let's face it, picking up after your dog is nobody's favorite chore. Not even someone like me who gets paid to do it. It just plain stinks (literally)! But, here are a few good reasons why I think you should...

  1. You or your dog could step in it and track it in the house…. gross. Muddy paws are bad enough but cleaning up dog poo is much worse.

  2. Your dog could eat it. (And you let your dog kiss you with that mouth 😂)

  3. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can end up in our water system after heavy rain.

  4. Monitoring your dog’s health. A good, solid poop is incredibly important to the overall health of your dog. If you pick up your dog’s poop on a regular basis, you’ll be able to check for things like worms, diarrhea, blood, etc.

  5. Ruin your yard. Dog poop isn’t quite like cow manure....their diet is different. Dogs eat meat (or should) and their poop contains nitrogen that can leave brown spots.

Still doesn’t get you excited to pick up poop, we can help! It’s part of the services offered during our visits.

3 ways to make picking up #2 go smoothly (get it, haha):
  1. Our favorite tools are the rake and tray paired with a trash bag and 5 gallon bucket. This method makes for easy daily pickup and easy weekly transfer to your trash can for pick up.

  2. Pick it up consistently and it never seems like a tedious chore. If done weekly or bi-weekly, it’ll end up taking you longer each time.

  3. Feed better food. Most kibble contains fillers that your dog doesn’t need: corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, lentils, peas, etc. that come out in your dog’s poop. The bigger the poop, the more fillers in your dog’s food. Your dog (and cat!) is a carnivore and needs meat, bone, and organs to thrive.

Got questions about feeding a better diet? I’m happy to help guide you. Need help picking up your yard, we can help with that too!

Stay pawsome!



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