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Celebrating Mackie!

Mackie turned 15 this year! We adopted her from a local shelter on April 11th in 2007. Cue the adorable puppy pics...she was so fluffy and wittle!

What's her secret to staying around this long? It could be good genes or me being an over-the-top dog mom.

She's always been slim, will self-fast occasionally and has never been super excited about food. (Maybe there's a lesson for all of us!?)

She's always been active...she used to be incredibly fast back in the day. Heck, she can still keep up with Rizzo, our 3 year old husky mix.

It was ten years ago that I began the natural and holistic journey with my fur kids and Mackie is proof that it works. Here's what I've avoided with her:

  • No vaccines since 2014

  • No chemical flea treatments or collars since 2009

  • No monthly heartworm chew since 2009

  • No highly processed kibble since 2016

  • No harmful household cleaners or fragrance diffusers since 2016

Since making the switch for my fur kids to wholesome, human grade fresh food, I see the difference everyday. Their coats are shiny, poop is smaller and less stinky, and my house doesn't smell like wet dog. Oh, and they shed much, much less.

Mackie is the pickiest dog I've known (and I've met a few in my day!) and she prefers variety. She likes freeze-dried raw: Stella & Chewy, Primal, Instinct, Open Farm, she's tried The Farmer's Dog, she doesn't pass up raw from My Pet Carnivore, and occasionally will eat homemade with Dr. Harvey's base mix. Her absolute favorite is whatever dad's fixing for breakfast for himself: eggs and bacon with a slice of cheese.

I've always gone against the grain and done things differently, and the health of my fur kids are no exception. I urge you to ask questions, dig a little deeper; you'll be amazed at what you'll find.

Advocate for your dog and cat, because they can't. When you know better, you do better!

Stay Pawsome!



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