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My Favorite Things!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Not sure what to get the pet owner friend, or family member in your life? Have no favorite things are here!

First things first...our GIFT CERTIFICATES are just what every pet owner needs. I'm biased, but I know first hand how many people we've helped by easing the pet care burden. They're available in any amount and make great stocking stuffers! Contact Amy for more information.


Treats: We love Bocce's Bakery! They're the B shaped treats that we leave behind for our dog clients. The best part? They're made with simple ingredients and your dogs will love them!

Food: You can't beat the raw food from My Pet Carnivore. I've also switched my dogs over to The Honest Kitchen, Dr. Harvey's, and my senior dog gets freeze-dried from Stella & Chewy's, Vital Essentials or Open Farm (at 14, she's spoiled!). Over the years I've learned that highly processed kibble isn't always the best choice and these are great starting points to supplement your dog's current diet.

Toys: Kong dog toys are great boredom busters, especially when filled with goodies (peanut butter, applesauce, canned pumpkin, blueberries, cooked chicken or turkey, treats, etc). Bonus distraction time if you freeze them!

Books: The Forever Dog, by Rodney Haibib and Dr. Karen Becker, is a great read for anyone looking to level up their dog's health.

Beds: Brindle beds are made of memory foam (not the cheap stuff!) and my dogs love them. They don't wear down easy, come with a waterproof liner and the cover is machine washable. There are 6 of these beds in my house...spoiled!


Treats: The Kittles from Wellness are pretty popular with the kitty clients but I've started leaving Tiki Cat treat sticks, too.

Food: Like mentioned above, I get raw from My Pet Carnivore and I supplement with canned food from Tiki Cat.

Litter: I've had good luck with the Frisco brand from Chewy. I also love, love, love the Litter Genie. It makes scooping three litter boxes daily a breeze.

Bed: My cats love the self warming beds from K&H! We all know kitties like to keep warm and I have a few of these throughout the house for them to lay on.

Toys: The feather wand, the Kong Kickeroo and the toy balls are all favorites of my cats. Then again, they'll play with just about anything!


Rescue Remedy is a great all natural stress reliever that is great for storms, fireworks and other situations that might cause some anxiety for your pets. Go see Paige at Paige's Natural Alternatives and she'll give you 15% off when you mention The Dog's Pajamas!

Pet supplies are in short supply here in town so it's not always possible to shop local. FYI, many of these links will direct you to Amazon and I may earn a tiny commission if you purchase through the links.

Happy Shopping!



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