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In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Zac Brown Band Fan. My husband and I see them in concert at least once a year; they put on an awesome live show!

I was driving the other day and their song “Keep Me In Mind” came on. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my husband a day earlier. We were talking about different ways that I can attract new clients and continue to grow my business.

He reminded me that with this type of business, this service only comes to mind when someone needs it. As in, someone opts for a last minute weekend getaway or their original sitter backs out at the last minute.

With a new client, that’s just not possible. Not when we have to schedule a meet and greet before hand to go over all the details. I want your pet to be comfortable with us so a meet and greet is necessary.

I’m a little more accommodating for a current client but only if we have the availability.

So that’s where this song came to mind….

“…Life’s too easy to be so damn complicated Take your time and I’ll be waitin’

Keep me in mind…”

So, moral of this blog post, please keep me in mind for your future pet sitting needs.

We offer midday dog walking visits while you’re at work, cat sitting and pet sitting visits while you’re away for vacation or business trips.

Peace of mind for you. Exceptional care for your pets!

All my best, Amy


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