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Grief is Ruff

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

This is a different sort of post and while it has a small tie to the pet world, it's mostly about my relationship with my grandma.

She passed on Thursday, 2/17, and it has absolutely left me heartbroken.

I loved my grandma; I was her little redhead and she was my grandma Sue.

As a kid, I would spend school breaks and holidays with her while my mom worked. She kept me busy playing games of all sorts and instilled in me a love of card games.

We spent hours and hours playing scrabble, uno, skip-bo, go fish, war, crazy 8, canasta and any thing else she was willing to teach me. Monopoly was the only thing she avoided because she spent so much time playing that with her sisters as a kid.

In return, I taught her how to play the Nintendo! Not only was it there to occupy me, but she played while my grandpa traveled to pass away the time.

Our relationship shifted as I grew up but she was one of the special few who understood and respected my desire to do things differently. Sure, I graduated college, got a job, bought a house, got married, all the normal things...but I made the decision to not have human kids. She accepted my love of animals and that my fur kids are enough for me. (3 dogs and 3 cats is plenty!) The people who understand me are few and far between, and it's painful that she's no longer there to talk to.

She wasn't a exactly a dog or cat person, but she enjoyed all the photos and stories I shared with her, both clients and my own. She even gave my critters their own card at Christmas and loved it when I brought Sam over to visit! She wasn't at all surprised when I told her about starting my own pet sitting business; she was proud.

For the past two years I've been grocery shopping for her, since her mobility had declined. It wasn't always easy to find the time, but I never, ever let her know that. I'm incredibly glad that I have a schedule flexible enough that allowed me to available. And I'm so incredibly grateful we had that time together every week.

Back in September 2021 when I was sick with covid, she called everyday to check on me. Every day.

I wish I made more time for her. There are so many should haves and could haves going through my mind, but I suppose that's part of the grieving process.

All I have now are the wonderful memories we had together.

It sure doesn't make the pain of her loss any easier but I know this, she's at peace now and with my grandpa again. Say hi to Poppy for me, grandma.

I love you.



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